29 June 2010


I am The Tower
Held up by bricks, until the cracks collapse me
I am a frog in the water
Underneath a lily (sometimes the flower)

Words are hung and frame us-
we keep quiet, well trained.
Balancing the Universe between folded arms
Armed to the teeth, energetically speaking

Touch me
Touch us
Smile for everyone
Let me touch your boyfriend

I am The World
Bad bitches, all four corners lit up
No focus
Begging for a second look

Hide and seek

Hum and sing
Swim or sink
Smile for everyone
Barter praise for friendship

I am The Chariot,
A damn good driver
Stronger than myself
without a puzzle to undo

And you, Fool, are the luckiest of all
To know nothing of burning bushes or a Mothers' worry
Living in this moment's glorious blank stare
Naked as the day is long and infinity times as beautiful

Trust yourself
Trust nature and animals
Try to remember
Everyone else will forget

Ride or die shit

(We are The Lovers.)