01 June 2010

The A EP says hi

holy fuck. i wore a fucking sequinned bustier. who the hell am i all of the sudden?

L.A.X's album release party at The Parish on May 20th KILLED. so many amazing friends, musicians, photographers and generally sexy people were in attendance. Frank brought food for the bands and $10 gift certificates to all our guests. Props to Holly for letting me borrow those heels, although i thought my ankles were gonna snap after dancing in them throughout our entire set.

from what i hear, everyone had a really good time and got ultra fucked up that night, makin' mama proud! i never get a chance to hang out at our shows, because a) i like to smoke a lot of weed before i sing, b) i like to smoke even more after i sing, and c) by the end our set i'm usually pouring sweat and need somebody to 'wipe me down'.

since then, the Universe has gone all fuzzy. we played Houston on May 29th - so much fun - and we'll go to Dallas on the 5th of June. but now what? what's gonna fill my heart up with love? this is becoming an addiction. if i can't have my medicine, chances are i'll go looking for a substitute fix.

AND it's summer. dios mio.

more photos from the CD Release Party can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?aid=50313&id=1650485679